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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
They strapped a belt on him, yeah, but it's not a new one. How can they give someone a belt if they didn't win it, Dave?
So you DONT know if thats the OLD belt or a NEW Belt. I suspect its a NEW belt because SOMEONE HAS to be awarded it.

...and as you pointed out...logically, thats the only way, unless you declaire it guess is that he has THREE Belts...Penn1...Penn2....Maynard

The only way to settle this for certain, is to find out..if that was a new belt or an old belt. If its new then I am right about the Draw being classed as a victory for the champion and a defeat for the contender...if its the old belt...then far as im concerned its a vacent belt...and then...yes i'd understand the need for a rematch.

But I strongly suspect that belt was the UFC125 belt Ben....
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