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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
I can understand what you are saying, but consider the context. A 16 year old lies to her mom about where she was going and the "reward" for lying is feeling the cold metal of a pistol on her head? I learned my lesson by all means, but my fear of telling my mom was much more rooted in not getting the car I wanted at the time.

I relate what you have stated to blaming the victim. If a teenager is out past curfew and gets seriously injured by a drunk driver should it all be chalked up to "well she should have been home on time". No. Not at all. It is not ok someone to drive drunk at any hour and the teen is not at fault because she was on the roads later than she should have been. Likewise it was not ok for me to be robbed just because I wasn't at the friend's house I told my mom I was going to.
It's not about blaming the victim, it's about reaping what you sow. In Deuteronomy 21:18-21, GOD commands that a disobedient son be stoned to death. Do you really believe that GOD has relaxed His standards for obedience? Not at all. Children who disobey their parents still deserve to die, but thankfully (for ALL of us) Jesus took that punishment upon Himself for us.
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