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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
No one has that belt. Sure, Edgar still has his belts from when he beat BJ, but he doesn't have the belt from UFC 125.

As we all know, Matt's a 9x champion, meaning he's got 9 UFC WW Championship Belts (or had at some point, since I know he's donated some). Each time he went out & fought, there was, quite literally, a new belt up for grabs.

Dave's trying to imply that there's not a single individual belt which gets passed from champ to champ, so if Gray has failed to get the belt at UFC 125, then he's lost his contendership. Problem is, Frankie failed to get the belt at UFC 125, too, so by his argument, there is no champion.
are you SURE he wasnt given a new belt???? ABSOLUTELY Sure?? I thought someone HAD to be given the belt...otherwise how CAN they still be holding the Title.

I assumed that they gave Frankie A new belt, despite the draw
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