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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
At Title Level its a missnomer.

You have to beat the Champion to be the a Title Match if you dont get your arm a contender, you have ultimately failed regardless of being technically even with the Champion...Even is not good enough. Granting another round simply favours the challenger...and they already have two extra rounds at championship level!

If it was close, then a rematch...but Maynard/Edgar was not close...he should fight someone else and then have a rematch...Penn and Fitch I cant really remember

Now an overtime round in a three round, non title match, is a great ideal. Even for contendership matches, and will hopefully avoid bum decisions, by letting judges not be afraid to score draws and give the athletes the knowledge that everything hinges on the one final round.
Dave, you have to stop trying to make up ways to enforce your preferences on reality. We all know that you want Pettis to win the LW title, so therefore anything delaying this is evil and must be abolished. You have to accept the truth of the situation: a draw is a draw, not a "kind of actually when you think of it my way" loss.
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