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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post

UFC Quick Quote: Dana White would 'definitely' explore an overtime round

-- Oh, those pesky decisions. After two high profile fights this year, Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard and B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch, ended in controversial, and highly unsatisfying, draws, fans have been left wanting. After all, there has to be a better way to decide a clear winner in bouts that have a championship on the line or are booked to determine the number one contender. So, in typical UFC fashion, the man himself, Dana White, fielded a question about this very matter on the web series "The Aftermath" and made the comment above: that he's not at all opposed to an overtime round if that's what is necessarily to do away with draws once and for all. But is there any way this actually has a chance at being implemented? Would commissions honestly allow a five-round war to go to a sixth sudden death style round, just for the sake of clarity? It's not like promotions don't have the option of setting up a rematch, this being exactly what they did in the case of both Edgar vs. Maynard and Penn vs. Fitch. So which do you prefer, Maniacs? Sudden death or another three rounds at a later date?
At Title Level its a missnomer.

You have to beat the Champion to be the a Title Match if you dont get your arm a contender, you have ultimately failed regardless of being technically even with the Champion...Even is not good enough. Granting another round simply favours the challenger...and they already have two extra rounds at championship level!

If it was close, then a rematch...but Maynard/Edgar was not close...he should fight someone else and then have a rematch...Penn and Fitch I cant really remember

Now an overtime round in a three round, non title match, is a great ideal. Even for contendership matches, and will hopefully avoid bum decisions, by letting judges not be afraid to score draws and give the athletes the knowledge that everything hinges on the one final round.
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