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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
I put this under Christianity because my final decision will be sought in scriptures so maybe someone of you have some to share, but please comment even if it is just "What I think" or "what I would do". When I was 16 years old I was robbed at gun point by a rather huge and thuggist man. I mean pistol to my head robbed. And I knew I was set up by this guy that was supposed to be my friend. Well last night my husband spots this not a friend after all guy at the ball field my children now play at with a girl and a baby. A few months before I saw this man at Autozone and I was so frozen I didn't even say anything but I've always wanted to confront him. So last night I had a chance and I froze AGAIN. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to say or even if I should. I don't really feel angry and don't hold anything aagainst him, but my husband kind of thought I should tell the guy hey I've been forgiven by God so I forgive you. To me it is just like hey you did something very not cool and so I'm good with never seeing you again kind of thing. My very dear Godly friend was there too and she even offer to go approach the man with me. But I didn't because I knew if I said anything I really wouldn't be getting anything from it, I would be doing it to embarass him and that would make me wrong. But that leads me to this, if I happen to see him again up there (which is likely considering whoever he was watching is in my son's league) and I can catch him away from a large group, should I confront him?
in my opinion...absolutely....Embarrising him is not nice...but nearly getting you killed wasnt very nice either...besides..if your going to tell him he's forgiven..I think that is nicer then what you could say to him under the circumstances

Remember, Forgiven does NOT mean forgotten...
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