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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i will have to agree ... and i am a huge davis fan (and jones) ... but davis would get beat in every aspect if this fight happened ... davis couldn't land a takedown all round one, granted, that is all nog worked on for this fight ... but his striking looked rudimentary all night except for some decent gnp when nog gave his back ... it was a real awkward fight as davis didn't want to get in the guard and sat way outside and nog never really tried to get up ....
Agreed the card seemed very promising before the actual Foght Night to place IMO. Really the only fight that seemed good to me was the Amir Sadollah fight.

I didn't get to see the facebook fights though..

Did anyone see the Titan Fights on HDNET?

Phil Baroni almost got stopped by some guy named Nick Nolte (3-2)
If it wasn't for Phil just laying on top of him doing nothing and the ref not standing them up he would of gotten stopped.

wait it gets worst

Boby Lashley fought some John Ott guy (9-7) who weighed in like at 215.
Lashley weighed 254 at the weigh in some god knows how much he weighed the day of the fight.
The fight started with an incredible takedown by Lashley that looked like he was back in the WWE. He gave Ott some descent GnP but the way smaller guy wethered the storm easily.
After the 1st round Lashley was done he couldn't even stand straight but was able to take Ott down with ease.
In the third round Ott caught him with some nice punches and almost knocked him out but Lashley took him down and blanket him for the remainder of the round.

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