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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung - The Zombie traps the right arm and cranks the neck of Garcia, who submits to the twister with just one second left in the round.
Well, either Leonard was unaware there was just 1 second left in the round, or that twister was just too painful to hang on any longer.

I've never heard of or seen a twister before.

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Amir Sadollah vs. DaMarques Johnson - Johnson is clearly gassed out as he gets dragged down again with two minutes left. Sadollah gift wraps the arm of Johnson and takes full mount, where he ends the fight with elbows to the face. Johnson taps to the strikes and referee Mario Yamasaki rescues him at 3:27 of the second round.
I thought they were a good match-up physically and skill-wise. Not that I don't like DaMarques, but I really like Amir...have since I saw him on TUF.

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson - the winner by unanimous decision, Anthony Johnson.
Dan Hardy looked small compared to Johnson who reminded me of GSP. I wonder how Johnson would do against GSP? I think they'd be a good match-up, maybe better than Anderson/GSP. They're both at the bigger end of WW in size, both really physically strong and Johnson has those long arms that might even out whatever edge GSP might have in other areas.

What do y'all think?
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