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Default Hows This for a Roman Catholic Altar Call??

We spoke the other day about the Roman Church no using Altar Calls in any of their ceremonies, and thus, when could people not Christian be allowed space and be encouraged to convert?

Well, apparently yesterday, on the advise of several Cardinals in France, Pope Benedict decided to put out an extraordinary invitation. He invited all the heathern in France to gather out front of one of the central parisian Cathedrals...and decided to present them with a nearly ten min surmon I suppose you might call it. Designed to show that the Jewish would allow the heathen into the outter court of the temple, in order for them to ask questions, and maybe come to faith. He talks about being closer, and talking. He then asks them all to enter the Cathedral, and to offer a prayer, he recognises that some will know GOD, but some will be praying to "the unknown GOD" by this he isnt talking about a different religion, he's talking about a heathen being open and prepared to convert...but not actually having any knowledge of Jesus or Scripture

"as you walk together towards a new world seek the absoulute, Seek GOD, even for you, if he is the unknown GOD, and may this GOD, who loves each one of you, bless you, and keep you, he is counting on you to be concerned for each other, and for the future, and you can all count upon him"

If he extends this across the whole of Europe, you could see a tremendous revival. if you want to know what he said, its in the video. Who knows if this will be successful, but not even Mark Hughes can claim that Rome is not up for Evangelism on a large scale. Anyone would think the powers that be actually read this forum and respond

...and just to proove he's serious...his surmon is of course IN FRENCH LOL

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