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Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson
Round 1
Josh Rosenthal is the referee for this welterweight co-main event. A tentative touch of gloves begins bout. Johnson fires off an inside leg kick and then tries to go outside. Hardy looks a bit stiff in the early going, shaking out his hands. One minute in, Johnson drops Hardy with a left high kick and pounces as the Brit falls along the fence. Johnson gets a headlock and controls Hardy as they stand, then drives him back down to the ground. Hardy has full guard this time and ties Johnson up, but Johnson busts free and lets loose with a few big shots. Johnson lays a forearm across Hardy’s throat and throws a couple short hammer fists. Nice head and neck control from Johnson is stifling Hardy’s offense from his back. Hardy goes for a triangle-armbar as Johnson postures up, but “Rumble” breaks it. Johnson dives back in, looks to pass to the side, and Hardy turns to his right to frame up a kimura. Johnson muscles out of it and works from Hardy’s half-guard with a minute left. Hardy’s corner calls for him to slip out the back door, but he can’t hit the switch and Johnson finishes on top.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 2
Johnson ducks inside and puts Hardy down against the fence with a single-leg about 30 seconds into the round. The KeyArena crowd disapproves of the decision and begins booing immediately. Johnson works from full guard, volume punches to the ribs, and Hardy again looks for a kimura. Midway through the round and there’s a stalemate, as Johnson really has cause for concern with his left arm. Hardy relents momentarily, but goes right back to it. Johnson gets the arm loose and pummels with elbows from half-guard. More elbows and punches come from the top until Rosenthal stands them up with 30 seconds left. Johnson scores another takedown before the horn.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 3
Another takedown from Johnson opens the final frame, and it’s another kimura attempt from Hardy. Some short punches to the side of Johnson’s head from Hardy, who goes for and abandons the kimura once more. Johnson turns the corner and takes the back of Hardy, who stands and absorbs knees to the thighs. Close-quarters head kick from Johnson, who glances at the clock and takes Hardy down again. Now he’s on Hardy’s back with both hooks in, punching away. The crowd doesn’t like it at all and responds with a chorus of boos with 1:40 remaining. Johnson is riding high with a body triangle. He puts Hardy on his back and switches to an arm-triangle choke, but Hardy defends ably. Johnson switches to a neck crank and can’t get the tap there either. Johnson finishes the fight with Hardy in the headlock and should be on his way to a unanimous decision win.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)

Official scores: The judges’ cards read 30-27 across the board for the winner by unanimous decision, Anthony Johnson.
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