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Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung
Round 1
Dan Miragliotta is the referee for the show’s first televised bout. Jung opens up with a low kick and both men circle. Garcia throws one of his own and a follow-up left hook. Jung drops his hands at the one-minute mark and Garcia throws a kick to the body. Overhand right from Garcia tags Jung behind the ear. Jung strings together a one-two and a low kick. A body kick is caught by Garcia, who pops Jung with a counter right hand. Jung stuffs a left jab into Garcia’s face, nullifying a leg kick. Already Jung is sporting a small cut beneath his right eye. Garcia throws a bomb and gets caught off-balance, and Jung trips him to the mat. Jung lands in north-south position, then reverse-mounted on the prone Garcia, hunting for an armbar. Garcia gets to his feet and Jung drops him with a knee against the fence. Garcia uses his legs to push the Korean away, but Jung takes his back with 10 seconds to go and unloads with punches.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Jung
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jung
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Jung

Round 2
More tentative work in the opening minute of the second round. Garcia clips Jung with a step-up knee and Jung retaliates with a punch to the ribs. Jung stalks Garcia, pressing in from the center, and lands a jumping knee of his own. The featherweights trade leg kicks midway through the frame. Garcia throwing haymakers now, eats a knee and an outside thigh kick from Jung. It’s Garcia circling the outside as the “Korean Zombie” slowly encroaches. Jung lands an uppercut and a flying knee, then gives chase as Garcia slips and falls on a kick. Garcia closes up his guard and Jung postures up, driving punches and elbows downward. Garcia flips over and Jung hops on his back, rolling the “Bad Boy” over. Jung loses one of his hooks and abandons the rear-naked choke attempt. The Zombie traps the right arm and cranks the neck of Garcia, who submits to the twister with just one second left in the round.
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