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Alex Caceres vs. Mackens Semerzier
Round 1
Semerzier fires off a slapping head kick and the featherweights are off to a quick start. Caceres tries a spinning elbow and gets seized upon by Semerzier, who drags “Bruce Leroy” to the floor after a short struggle. Both fighters are warned for grabbing the fence at various points. Caceres gets to his feet only long enough to try a jumping knee and get warned to keep the strikes above the belt. Semerzier brings him right back down and drills Caceres with a few elbows. Caceres stands and is taken right back down; this time, Semerzier lands in full mount. Caceres twists and gives up his back, where Semerzier starts wailing away. Body triangle for Semerzier. Caceres postures up and tries to shake Semerzier off. It looks as though Semerzier is too high, but he stays glued on tight. Caceres tries to twist free and Semerzier slaps on a rear-naked choke in the scramble. Bruce Leroy is caught with nowhere to go and is forced to tap out at 3:18 of the opening frame.
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