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Sean McCorkle vs. Christian Morecraft
Round 1
Referee Anthony Hamlett is in charge of the evening’s first Facebook prelim. No touch of gloves as the big men get straight to work. Morecraft lobs a leg kick and then muscles McCorkle into the fence, nearly finishing a takedown with double underhooks. It’s McCorkle who gets the trip instead, and Morecraft throws up a triangle-armbar combo from the bottom. Nothing doing, and McCorkle starts slugging from the closed guard of Morecraft. McCorkle postures up and tries to pass to the side, allowing Morecraft to grab onto his left leg. Morecraft lays back and extends the kneebar, but can’t get the tap. He settles for rolling into McCorkle’s guard with 2:30 left in the round. Hard elbows from Morecraft knock out McCorkle’s mouthpiece, which McCorkle puts right back in. Morecraft stands over McCorkle with 90 seconds left as the crowd boos the lack of action. McCorkle goes to stand and Morecraft comes forward with punches. Morecraft isn’t letting McCorkle to his feet, hovering over him and diving in with elbows. McCorkle turtles and takes a few punches from Morecraft, who flattens McCorkle out and passes to his right. Morecraft just jamming his elbow into McCorkle’s face in the last 30 seconds.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Morecraft
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Morecraft
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Morecraft

Round 2
Morecraft gets McCorkle against the fence and tees off with uppercuts. He drags McCorkle down and lands a few punches, but gets warned for straying to the back of the head. McCorkle is looking for a kimura from the bottom, but can’t find it. Morecraft extracts the arm and wallops away from half-guard as he shoves McCorkle into the fence. Short, grinding elbows from Morecraft have bloodied the forehead and swollen the face of McCorkle. Morecraft lets his man up, but clinches as soon as McCorkle gets to his feet. Two minutes left in the round as the heavyweights jockey along the fence. Morecraft lands a knee square to the cup of McCorkle, and the referee calls time. McCorkle sits at the base of the cage for a moment, then starts to hear boos from the crowd. After a couple minutes, they resume. McCorkle looks exhausted as he eats a punch and shoots a double-leg. Morecraft stuffs and snares McCorkle in a standing guillotine. Morecraft wrenches with his left arm, puts McCorkle to sleep and lets his unconscious foe fall to the mat at 4:10 of the second round.
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