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Aaron Simpson vs. Mario Miranda
Round 1
The third man in the cage for this middleweight contest is Dan Mirgliotta. The two men touch gloves to start. The two fights clinch and Miranda forces Simpson into the fence. The Brazilian is working some knees to the thighs of Simpson but has little effect. Mirgliotta separates the two fighters but they are back to the same position almost instantly. Simpson improves his situation off the fence by securing a trip takedown. Miranda gets to a base and stands back up. On the feet Miranda is dragged to the floor again by the wrestler. Simpson looks to take the back of "Super Mario" but cannot. Miranda stands but finds himself on his back a moment later. Simpson looks to work strikes from half. The shots from Simpson are mostly elbows but nothing lands clean. The round ends. 10-9 for Aaron Simpson.

Round 2
The middleweights continue the fight in the second frame by clinching once again. Simpson forces Miranda back into the fence. Simpson looks for a single leg but the Washington native Miranda gets away. Simpson initiates the clinch again and secures another trip takedown. Simpson is riding the back of his opponent landing right hands. Miranda has a base but can only get to a knee. Simpson stomps the calf of Miranda. A scramble happens but ends with Simpson securing a slam. Miranda is able to make space however and stands up. Simpson throws some strikes and rushes in and clinches up. At the end of the round Simpson gets another takedown. The crowd is not pleased with the action that sees Simpson take another round 10-9.

Round 3
The final round starts with Simpson tying up for another takedown. Miranda uses the whizzer to stay on his feet. Simpson is able to maintain his grip on Miranda and settles for clinching and taking Miranda to the floor with a single leg. Miranda gives his back. Simpson is content to ride the back rather than put a hook in. Miranda tries to stand but winds up on his back. Simpson settles into half guard. He cannot keep him there though as Miranda stands. Simpson is able to maintain a hold of his opponent and slams him to the floor with a double leg. Miranda repeats the pattern and gets to his feet. Simpson does his part to maintain the clinch. The round ends. 10-9 Simpson.

Official scores: The judges see it 30-26 and 30-27 twice for Aaron Simpson, winner by unanimous decision.
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