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Default UFN 24 ***SPOILERS***

Nik Lentz vs. Waylon Lowe
Round 1
This battle of lightweight fighters is being officiated by referee Anthony Hamlett. Lentz starts with a right head kick that misses. Lowe lands a counter right hook. The Minnesotan looks for a flying knee but Lowe evades. Lowe finds the mark again with a right hook. Lentz fires back with a body kick but Lowe is there again with the counter right. Lentz continues the kicking game but cannot land. The two fighters lock up and Lowe muscles Lentz to the floor. After little action on the floor Lowe stands and let Lentz up. On the feet Lentz fires a right hand that hits the mark. Lowe responds with another takedown. On the floor Lowe settles into the guard and manages to pass for a moment. He lands an elbow and Lentz gets his guard back. Lentz tries to wall walk but his picked up and slammed by his opponent. The round ends. 10-9 Lowe.

Round 2
Lentz starts the round with a low kick that lands. He tries to follow up with another kick but Lowe evades. "The Carny" rushes forward with two winging punches but finds noting. The two men clinch against the fence. With his back against the wall Lentz tries to separate and eats a knee on the way out. Lowe and Lentz meet in the center of the fence and wing punches at one another. Lowe gets the better of the exchanges before shooting and securing another takedown. On the floor Lentz attempts a guillotine choke but there is nothing there. The pace has slowed and Anthony Hamlett stands them up. The KeyArena crowd approves of the decision. Lowe lands lefts and rights that hurt Lentz. A scramble ensues following a blown Lowe takedown. Lentz is on top of the turtled Lowe but the round ends. 10-9 Lowe.

Round 3
Lentz takes the center of the cage. The former Golden Gopher attempts another low kick but lands nothing. Lowe lands a left straight which is answered by a Lentz uppercut. Lowe finds a home for a counter left. Lowe is effective with counter shots. With his back to the wall in the final frame Lentz pulls out a miracle. Lowe shoots in and is caught in a deep guillotine. There is no way out as he is forced to tap. Nik Lentz remains undefeated in the UFC as Anthony Hamlett stops the bout at the 2:24 mark.

*Courtesy of Sherdog
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