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When it comes to Rob Bell it is very hard to nail down exactly what it is he is trying to accomplish. I have read all his books and have watched all his nooma videos. There is only one nooma video out of about 20 that I would recommend to watch. There was a time that I really liked listening to him(I listened to every sermon he preached for about three years) and our church youth pastors were really into his teachings. I trusted them so I didn't question what they were using to teach the bible. That all changed when I had my father in law watch his one video call Everything is Spiritual. Which is quite an amazing and entertaining sermon. My father in law has been a christian for about 40 years and is quite intelligent. At the end of the video my father in law actually liked it but for one thing, Bell forgot to mention the fall of humanity. He touched on everything else except for that one detail. So I continued to listen to his sermons and found that he rarely speaks on the sinfulness of the human nature, or about repentance. That was about three or so years ago and I have not really paid any attention to Rob Bell since.

What I have learned about Rob Bell is that he grew up in the church, probably a strict evangelical upbringing and is now railing against the way he was brought up and taught. He doesn't really want to teach you what the bible says, but what the church teaches isn't quite right, but it is up to you to decide. He seems like he doesn't want to influence anyone in the wrong way.
In his book he states the he and his wife don't want to raise there kids in any way that they have as little as possible to unlearn later in life. Seems like he may have some parental issues.

I am about half way through Love Wins and like one commentator said, he leads you down a lot of rabbit holes. He asks whole lot of questions but never really gives you a concrete answer. He plays loosely with scripture pulling single lines of scripture out of there context as a whole and puts a different meaning to them.

Here is the one way he plays with the greek and I hope NateR has a look at this. Bell calls into question the use of the greek Aion. That this greek word has more than one meaning. It could mean age, period of time and that the use of it as meaning eternity is incorrect and more accurate to be translated as an age or period of time. So that people are not in hell for eternity but a period of time or for an age.

That is my take so far.
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