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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
It seems I recall a sermon I heard about there being a place where condemed souls go until they are cast into hell but I cannot recall the specifics. Do you have a verse to support your claim?
No...thats what some of the scholars say about the translation...they say the Scriptures use different words, and they suppose each word means a different place. Therefore, they would say Hell is both a place before, and also a place after passing through the fire

As for my views specifically about judgement IN chronology...thats actually suposition...based on the fact that the Bible says in revelation that Christ rules over the world, ON EARTH, for a Millenia....I wonder what else he could do? he must be doing something if he's governing for a thousand also makes more sense about the earth giving up its dead...I mean, if Christ actually came to EARTH for Judgement...that makes more sense...because that passage seems to imply that everyone dies and waits in the ground for the tribulation...and then up from their graves they all arise

Thats really my own theological point it makes logical sense...but may not be true
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