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Page 8:

12:53 [Comment From Chris: ]
who is the most underrated fighter in your opinion?
12:54 Dana White: Brock Lesnar. I don't think people give him enough credit for how good he really is and what he has accomplished.

12:55 [Comment From Rishad: ]
Iphone or Blackberry ?
12:55 Dana White: I have a 1990 Nokia phone that I use that people rag on me all the time about.

12:55 [Comment From Hannes: ]
Can you give us a little sneak peek for the new TUF season?
12:55 Dana White: The thing starts off slow. I was really pissed off with the fights in the beginning and then it just goes through the roof. The fights are awesome.

12:56 [Comment From Kim: ]
do u think people are seriously underestimating Jake Shields?
12:56 Dana White: Kim, that's a great question. And yes, people are definitely underestimating Jake Shields. But GSP is not.

12:56 [Comment From Adam King: ]
Do you think bisping will soon be fighting for the middleweight belt ?
12:56 Dana White: I think he has to win a couple more fights first.

12:57 [Comment From Jon: ]
All time favourite UFC fight?
12:57 Dana White: There has just been too many.

12:57 [Comment From John: ]
Why is Frank Fertitta never at the UFC events?
12:57 Dana White: Frank Fertitta goes to almost all UFC events. He's just very low-key.

12:58 [Comment From PunchFirst: ]
Watching the UFC in 3D was a great experience, are yall going to continue using this in the future?
12:58 Dana White: Yeah, we've had, the people who are experienced with 3D say this is the best sport for 3D. They love it. We will continue to do it.

12:59 [Comment From naylor152: ]
Tell Joe Rogan to accept his pending baldness and start to rock your hair style ; )
12:59 Dana White: Yes, Joe is going to have to terms very soon.

1:00 Dana White: Thank you guys so much for all the questions. I'll see you in Seattle on Saturday night.
And we're done!
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