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Page 7:

12:48 [Comment From Jeff K: ]
How many frequent flyer miles did you rack up in 2010?
12:48 Dana White: A lot. There's actually a year that we did the math. I spent more time in the air than I did on the ground.

12:48 [Comment From rOBIN uk: ]
Do you have Kids
12:49 Dana White: I have three kids. I have two boys and a girl. My boys are 9 and 10, and my daughter is 5.
12:49 Dana White: They know the UFC and they know all the fighters. Both my boys train. They do Muay Thai and wrestling. When we're out, people come up to me, but it's what they're used to. It has been that way since they were born.

12:49 [Comment From Patrick: ]
Does Vince McMahon talk to you about UFC?
12:50 Dana White: Vince and I probably talk twice a year. We talk about UFC and about wrestling.

12:50 [Comment From Paul: ]
Will you be uploading video blogs for the UFN?!
12:50 Dana White: Yeah, I have a video blog going up right now.

12:50 [Comment From Jay C.: ]
What would you say is the key to your success?
12:51 Dana White: We work hard. We really love this sport. We really believe in it. We've built a great team and we all work hard.

12:51 [Comment From Jose: ]
How do you feel about banning elbows on the ground and allowing knees to the head on the ground?
12:51 Dana White: I don't like knees to the head on the ground. If you don't like elbows to the head on the ground, you definitely shouldn't like knees to the head on the ground.

12:52 [Comment From Brad: ]
Well there ever be a super heavy in the UFC
12:52 Dana White: No. We're just finally getting enough heavyweights to build the division. There's not enough future heavyweights.

12:52 [Comment From Robert H: ]
Who inspire you to be who you are today and for your success?
12:53 Dana White: I don't think that anybody really inspired me for my success. I've always been in love with fights since I was a little kid whether it was boxing or Bruce Lee or martial arts-type movies.
12:53 Dana White: I always loved boxing, but I knew it was messed up and I thought we could do it better.
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