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Page 6:

12:43 [Comment From Rusty: ]
Who's on your iPod right now?
12:43 Dana White: I'm a huge Rage Against the Machine Fan.

12:43 [Comment From Rusty: ]
What is your stance on the fighters having a union?
12:43 Dana White: That's up to the fighters.

12:43 [Comment From Alex: ]
would you honestly sign Chad OchoCinco?
12:44 Dana White: Chad talks a lot of smack man. He better just keep playing football.

12:44 [Comment From Joel: ]
Where do you see MMA and the UFC in 10 years?
12:44 Dana White: I say it all the time, and I truly believe, it's going to be the biggest sport in the world.
12:45 Dana White: there was a question about Michael Bisping's punishment for what happened vs. Rivera. What we did. We're not a sanctioning organization so that's up to the commission. The commission punishes these guys. But what I did was he didn't get a bonus. And believe me, that hurts.

12:46 [Comment From @JoeHostile: ]
Dana, Seattle has a HUGE gaming industry. I know you are big on social media. What advice would you have to other companies as far as social media strategies are concerned?
12:46 Dana White: I love social media. I think it's the best thing ever. It's great for business.
12:46 Dana White: Yes, I will be Tweeting tickets in Seattle.

12:46 [Comment From rich: ]
is there any chance a single dad from maryland could be you for a day?
12:46 Dana White: Uhhh, no.
12:47 Dana White: He can come out with me for a day.

12:47 [Comment From Brian: ]
Who's gonna be on the next 'In the Moment' doc,Bones episode was epic
12:47 Dana White: We don't. We haven't made the decision yet, but we loved the show, and thought it was a huge success.

12:48 [Comment From Guest: ]
What do you think of having an "overtime" round to decide draws such as the Penn/Fitch Edgar/Maynard fights?
12:48 Dana White: I love it.
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