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Page 5:

12:36 [Comment From Andrew: ]
How far in advance do you guys plan your events?
12:36 Dana White: Months. We're already working on August.

12:37 [Comment From Vinicius: ]
What is your dream fight?
12:37 Dana White: My dream fight? We do them all the time. But if you want to talk about SuperFights, I truly believe we put on dream fights twice a month, but right now it's Anderson Silva-George St. Pierre. Maybe Jone Jones-Anderson Silva some day.

12:40 [Comment From James: ]
What is the best fight you have ever seen live? Also, despite the fact that MMA is eclipsing boxing, you ever think about becoming a boxing promoter? I know it was your first love.
12:40 Dana White: There's so many fights. We were just talking the other day about how many fights I've watched over the past 10 years. It's like 2,000 fights I've seen live.
12:40 Dana White: Yes, I love boxing, but I'm a huge MMA fan now. I just think that boxing has too many problems.

12:40 [Comment From Glenn: ]
Dana, how much can you max on bench at the moment?
12:40 Dana White: 315.

12:41 [Comment From Mike: ]
Dana, as a financial student here, would you ever consider taking the organization public? Setting up a board of directors and increasing equity?
12:41 Dana White: Never. We'll never go public. Usually, companies go public because they need capital. I don't need Wall Street sticking their head in my business.

12:41 [Comment From Lewis V: ]
What is it like to be the face of the fastest growing sport in the world?
12:41 Dana White: It's fun. I have a good time. I love this sport. I love this company and I love my job.

12:41 [Comment From Colin: ]
Are you attending in Seattle?
12:42 Dana White: Oh, hell yes, I'm attending. I'll be there tomorrow.

12:42 [Comment From Guest: ]
Dana, I watched Undercover Boss with the COO of the MGM. Thanks for taking part. It was a great gesture on your part for the Man and his boys!
12:43 Dana White: Thanks. It was cool.
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