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Page 4:

12:31 [Comment From Mike from Seattle: ]
Is there a goal in mind about number of fights per year?
12:32 Dana White: No. We really don't. What we want to do. You see how all these people are asking that are hungry for live UFC events, we want to put on as many as we can everywhere.

12:32 [Comment From Travis W: ]
Any word on Shane Carwin's next opponent?
12:32 Dana White: Actually, we do know who Shane's next opponent is.
***The next response is from later in the chat***
12:39 Dana White: As for Shane Carwin: Jon Olav Einemo. That's his next opponent. He's from Norway. He's 6 foot 6, and he's the Abu Dabi submission champion.

12:32 [Comment From jamie: ]
do u have a ego?
12:33 Dana White: Huge. Massive.

12:33 [Comment From Joel: ]
What has been your biggest challenge ever in your position?
12:33 Dana White: My biggest challenge ever? That's a good one. I would have to say right when we first bought the company, trying to get this thing back on Pay-Per-View and free TV.

12:34 [Comment From frasco: ]
what strikeforce fighters are you the most excited to be associated with now ?
12:34 Dana White: Listen, I have always liked Nick Diaz. My only beef with Nick was he would never play the game. Not even a little bit. But I've always liked him.

12:34 [Comment From Chris: ]
In your opinion who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world
12:34 Dana White: Anderson Silva I think is the No. 1, but it's looking like Jon Jones could be very soon.

12:35 [Comment From Ciaran, Ireland: ]
Hey Dana who will Shogun fight next and do you think he can be LHW champ again?
12:35 Dana White: I think Shogun is incredibly talented. He has been plagued with injuries. that's his problem.

12:35 [Comment From David: ]
How much control do fighters have when it comes to matchmaking?
12:35 Dana White: Zero.

12:36 [Comment From wahmanz: ]
Do you ever get a vacation, or any time off?
12:36 Dana White: There's times that I'll go on vacation, but you're never really on vacation.
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