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Page 3:

12:27 [Comment From Esteban Chavez: ]
Nick Diaz vs Diego Sanchez rematch?
12:28 Dana White: That will be a fun fight. Definitely a fun fight. Nick Diaz or Diego Sanchez against anybody is fun.

12:28 [Comment From Lee: ]
Why is Rashad so upset with Jones talking about the two fighting, going as far as leaving the team?
12:28 Dana White: I don't think it's as much about Jones as it is about Greg Jackson. He feels betrayed by Jackson.

12:28 [Comment From AndrewA: ]
What top fighter not in the UFC are you interested in signing?
12:29 Dana White: Now with the acquisition of Strikeforce, we have them all.

12:29 [Comment From SoSickSabre: ]
Are you going to have trouble with monopoly laws now that you own all of the major mma orginizations?
12:29 Dana White: There's no barrier to entry to get into this. All you need is a bunch of cash and a big set of balls. There's no barrier to entry to get into this thing. It's not like we make computer chips or something.

12:29 [Comment From JC: ]
What did you think of Urijah Faber's performance at UFC 128??
12:30 Dana White: I actually was impressed with his performance. I talked to Wineland before the fight. Wineland was motivated and pumped up. He was a tougher guy than people gave him credit for.
12:30 Dana White: I was very impressed with Urijah.

12:30 [Comment From bpm2000: ]
When is the online viewing experience going to get better? The PPV streaming is not very good right now, and certainly not worth the television cost, even with the "features".
12:30 Dana White: I think it depends on your computer. If you're still watching with dial-up, I can see why you would have a bad experience.
12:31 Dana White: We test this stuff. It's not like we just throw this stuff and say, 'Oh, I hope this works for everybody.'
12:31 Dana White: And if you don't have a good computer, buy it on TV. Or go to a bar.

12:31 [Comment From Ben M: ]
What will happen to the female fighter you have acquired through the purchase of Strikeforce?
12:31 Dana White: They'll continue to fight in Strikeforce.
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