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Page 2:

12:20 [Comment From Jeff K: ]
Why eliminate the “elimination round” from TUF this season?
12:21 Dana White: Because we only have 10 episodes this season. It's normally 13. It's 10 this season.
12:21 Dana White: Also, I will not be on Jay Leno tomorrow night.
12:21 Dana White: Jon "Bones" Jones will.
12:21 Dana White: On Saturday, he looked incredible. It was amazing. If he won, I didn't expect him to win like that.

12:22 [Comment From Bob from Bellevue: ]
What is the status of Cain Velasquez......has he recovered from his injury?
12:22 Dana White: Yeah, he's recovering. He's getting there. He won't be ready to fight until like November.

12:22 [Comment From Guest: ]
when is ufc coming to uk next!
12:23 Dana White: We're looking at the fourth quarter this year to be back in England.

12:23 [Comment From JB: ]
Is Arriany going to be there Saturday?
12:23 Dana White: Hell yes, she's going to be there.

12:24 [Comment From Mike from Seattle: ]
When is Anderson Silva going to fight Bones Jones?
12:24 Dana White: Silva has made it very clear me to he does not want to fight at 205.

12:25 [Comment From Josh: ]
with the acquisition of Strikeforce, will we be seeing an increase in the number of events, or just an increase in event quality (not that there is a lack of quality fights)
12:25 Dana White: As this continues to grow, we need more fights. Not only here, but in other countries. That's why we acquired Strikeforce.

12:26 [Comment From John: ]
Why did you choose for Rampage to fight Hammill? As opposed to any other top teir LHWs
12:27 Dana White: I guess it was more of a timing issue. Hamill wanted that fight. Hamill wanted it.

12:27 [Comment From Jack: ]
Dana who are the new coaches on the ultimate fighter?
12:27 Dana White: We're still working on it. I'll be announcing it soon.
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