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OK, so according to Microsoft Word, this beast is 8 pages long!

I'm gonna post it bit-by-bit, as well as highlighting the parts I found most interesting.

Page 1:

12:15 Dana White: Hey everybody. Thanks for joining everybody. I'm here. Fire away.

12:16 [Comment From Josh: ]
Are you disappointed with Tito pulling out of the event with yet another injury...stitches...some on
12:16 Dana White: Yes. Yes I am disappointed. I feel Tito still could have competed, but what are you going to do?

12:16 [Comment From Jeremy: ]
When is the pre fight press conference and weigh-in for UFN 24?
12:16 Dana White: We're doing open workouts on Thursday, noon to 2 p.m.
12:16 Dana White: Weigh-ins are Friday.
12:17 Dana White: Open workouts are actually open to media.
12:17 Dana White: If you've never been to a weigh-in, trust me, take some time to come down and check it out. It's a lot of fun.
12:17 Dana White: I think there's some going to be some great staredowns on this card. This card is sick anyway.
12:18 Dana White: For staredowns, I'm looking at Anthony Johnson vs. Dan Hardy.

12:18 [Comment From @aguilarruperto: ]
If Phil wins agains lil Nog where does it put him in the title picture?
12:18 Dana White: I think Davis is a real tough guy, and he's going to gain a lot of respect and credibility if he beats Little Nog.

12:19 [Comment From Josh: ]
Spike TV says the Ultimate Fight Night live will air live at 10pm on the east coast, but be tape delayed to 10pm on the west coast. Do you have any control over making future Fight Night events live across the nation?
12:19 Dana White: I have no control over that, the network does.

12:19 [Comment From Mookie: ]
What do you think of the MMA scene here in Seattle?
12:19 Dana White: Well, I think it's pretty damn good considering ticket sales for Fight Night.
12:19 Dana White: We were scaling this thing for about 8,000 and we're close to 14,000 now. This thing ended up being a mini-Toronto.
12:20 Dana White: Will we think about coming back to Seattle? Hell yes.

12:20 [Comment From LK: ]
will Chael Sonnen be at the April 30th fan expo
12:20 Dana White: It's going to depend on what happens with him. Maybe. I hope he is.
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