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Default terms of Chronology noone is in Hell until after the Judgement, which I think takes place IN chronology during the Millenial Reign. However, because Hell also exists outside of time, In theory, the moment someone dies, they zip forward in History to Judgement and get sent to Hell.

Now Hell was Redeemed by Christ in Chronology about 2000 years ago. When he died, he took the sin of the whole world, which means he would have been condemend to Hell himself...However...because Hell is a place marked by the absence of soon as GOD, in the form of Jesus, ligitamately entered ceased to be Hell by Definition

Instead of being a haven and base for the Demons...its probably staffed by Righteous Host who keep the ungodly in place...Because Hell isnt now a place without GOD...but a place of GODs Wrath...note GODS WRATH, not ceased belonging to Satan when Christ entered Hell...this is why death was broken...the impossibility of GOD in Hell...doesnt damage GOD...rather it completely nullifies Hell.

Revelations is also Clear that Hell is NOT Eternal...The common missconception is to think that The Lake of Fire is the entrance to Hell...hence the term Burning in Hell...but NO...the Lake of Fire is Oblivion...for Hell is Cast INTO that Fire.

So Eternal Torment does not exist...neither will GODs Wrath...because finally all the debt of sin will have been paid off, completely....and it will ironically mean eternal separation from suits everyone...GOD respects everyones wishes. Those who love him can be with him for eternity, those who choose not to be with him must first satisfy his wrath, and then they can have oblivion, which is what most athiests want anyway...and not only is the Devil cast out of Heaven...but he's also long been cast out of Hell also, by Jesus who not only liberated all the faithful BUT in the same action, completely obliterated Hell also.

The War has already been won...we are just fighting the last battles now...we're like the Second World War AFTER D-Day why do I want to inappropriately laugh at picturing Satan in place of Adolf Hitler in that absolutely epic portrayal at the end of "downfall" where Hitler is trying to command armies that no longer exist having been wiped out already...and his armed forces are trying to make him see, ITS OVER

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