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I figured somebody would start a thread about Rob's new book eventually.

Rob is a Universalists... or more specifically a Restorative Universalist and I think his theology and teachings are deeply, deeply flawed. He's a heretic and I pray for him and every deceived member of his church.

There have been many, many interviews with him leading up to the release of his book and he comes across as the consummate politician. He bypasses every opportunity given to him to clarify his position or support them with scripture. He's even worse than Joel Osteen in an interview and that's saying something.

He's only the beginning though... as we draw closer and closer to the end times we will see Satan deceiving more and more Pastors like Bell. He gave a 90 minute interview with a Jewish reporter from Newsweek the day of or before his book dropped. I've listened to it many times and walked away each time feeling frustrated and sad. He was pressed on many occasions to clarify his answers and failed to do so. He simply rambles about "love" never, ever supports it with Scripture and gives people a false sense of truth, Heaven and Hell. His response to a question by Dr. Walborn from the Alliance Theological Seminary was absolutely horrible. He's deceived and so are so many who follow him.

It's only going to get worse.....
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