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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
don't get me wrong! I don't give Rashad a chance of winning or even going the distance.

I do think Rashad can take him down though if he doesn't get cought as he goes for the double.

I despise Rashad but even I know he is miles ahead of "Hamil, Vera, and Bader"

Don't you guys think its funny that out of all the top caliber fighters Jones has fought Bonnar was the one who gave him the best fight and we all know how that fight played out.
it was also only his second fight in the ufc ... and i don't think he was with jackson's at that point ... i could be wrong ... he has developed exponentially with each outing ... if he fought bonnar today, i'd bet that jones would stop the american psycho ... but bonnar is tough as hell ...

oh, and rashad had a tough time with tito in the wrestling department ... jones wins with ease ...
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