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Chael didn't cheat.. I have seen/found no proof of the actual levels he had at the fight.. so it was more of an error for not claiming that he was taking a PE drug... the same drug that he has claimed before.... an not had any issue.
his test came back with a higher than normal ratio of testosterone to estrogen ... which is what raised the flag ... true you cannot tell testosterone levels from urine but from blood ... his urine levels showed a high t/e levels ... sonnen did show reports of his blood levels in the low to medium range, but if you watched the hearing, you could see that sonnens team didn't have their stuff together and were all over the place ... the csac didn't do a blood test to determine this, all they had to show was that according to their tests, sonnen had higher levels of test to estrogen in his urine which was one of the reasons he was suspended.
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