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'Ashamed' Michael Bisping issues apology for spitting at UFC 127, looks forward to Chael Sonnen smack talk

The brash British banger today issued an apology for his post-fight celebration at UFC 127, telling The Telegraph that he was "out of line" for spitting at (not on) Jorge Rivera's corner team after his emotional second round technical knockout victory on Feb 27, 2011, in Sydney, Australia.

"The Count," who flew into a rage after finishing "El Conquistador," admits that the pre-fight smack talk and steady drumbeat of insulting parody videos that "crossed the line" ultimately got the best of him on fight night.

He regrets his actions and chalks it up to a lesson learned.

Check out Bisping's apology after the jump:

UFC President Dana White was clearly upset with the situation, witholding Bisping's fight bonus as punishment. The exact amount of that bonus is unknown even to Bisping, who revealed that he "never expect the bonuses, anyway."

In the immediate wake of "SpitGate," several 185-pound fighters, including Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort, openly campaigned for the opportunity to fight Bisping next and put him in his place.

And if Sonnen -- perhaps the most calculating and diabolical trash talker in the sport today -- is granted his wish, Bisping promises to keep his emotions in check.

Here's a snip:

Easier said than done?


Never spat at the corner man??? going to look for the Gif now...
Oh yeah, I almost forgot......

Sorry about the CLEARLY illegal knee to your head!!

He's still a POS for that in my book...
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