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Great video.

I'm torn regarding Evans... I really enjoy the funny, articulate, respectful guy that was in this interview. I really hate the trash talking, ghetto acting punk that he is other times. So I'm really not sure if I could call myself a fan or not.

BUT... with regards to the recent events I honestly don't see how people are finding fault with Evans or Jackson. I don't think either one of them did anything wrong.

It takes 2 people to make a fight. Evans isn't a victim, he has the choice not to fight Jones. It's not like he's being forced.

Every fighter or at least MOST fighters out there want to fight the best. Are coaches/trainers any different? Don't they want to train the best? Jones is pretty amazing and even his haters (if he has any) have to admit that. If Jackson had/has an opportunity to train him he would be an idiot to turn that down.

This whole thing is unfortunate on many counts but not all unfortunate situations are somebody's fault. Sometimes they just happen.
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