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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
LOL okay maybe he earned his Shot!! and besides earning it he is the only person left to get destroyed by Anderson. I guess the only ones left worth mentioning are Brian Stann, Bisping and Wanderlei. I think those 3 would be a more interesting fight. (By interesting I mean the way Anderson would knock them out) All though I think Bisping is going to be the one to dethrone Silva

This is just a fight I think besides Okami, Dana White, and You; nobody else cares for or would pay $60 to watch.

I would obviously watch it at my local bar for $5 dollars but I just think there are other Fights better than this one.
Hey, I never said I wanted to see it!!!

Seriously, Okami is a fairly forgetable fighter & I think all the match-ups you've mentioned are more interesting. However, he's earned his shot & should get it.
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