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Default Nate Marquardt going down to 170lbs.

"(Michael) Bisping would be a great fight, I would take that any day," Marquardt said when asked by Helwani what his plan is for his next fight. "There's still a lot of fights at '85 that I want but one thing I talked to my coaches (about) before this fight--and a couple of my teammates, like Georges St. Pierre--we talked about me cutting down to 170, because I was walking around really light, basically at the same weight Georges walks around at. I think it's something that I'd like to try out if it's a good fit, then go for the title there."

So I'm sure you guys have read this somewhere already but I was wondering what do you guys think of Nate going down in weight?

I think he would be huge in size! Probably bigger than Georges.
I think he would cause some serious damage at welterweight.
I guess Georges is planing to move to middle weight.
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