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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post

Those are 2 different things. Chael doesn't deserve anything. He earned his shot & lost. Was it an exciting fight? Hell yeah. Do I want to see the re-match? Hell yeah. Should Chael be next in line? Hell no. The way you get a title shot is to win your fights. By definition, Chael didn't do that since he just lost. Regardless of how close he came to winning, he didn't & therefore gets moved down in the batting order. Okami has been winning consistently for years and keeps getting passed over. He's paid his dues, met the requirements, earned his spot & deserves his shot.

And that's not taking into account Chael's suspension or his federal money laundering issues.

Oh you mean Like BJ getting a rematch even though he clearly lost to frankie?

Or do you mean like Gray getting a rematch even though he clearly lost after the first round?

Their is no logic in the UFC I guess we all know that by now.

Chael lost yes I know. He lost fair and square.

He is the only person ever to make Silva sweat and work for his victory.

Not even when he lost back in the day did he get beat like he did against Chael.

Okami was beating Anderson's fists up with his face!

You honestly think Okami should be the next person in line for a title shot?

He is on a 3 fight win streak. He beat who Nate?

but I guess we all want another easy fight for Mr. Spider.

After all he has earned it hes beaten a lot of good fighters and I guess he deserves a day off.
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