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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
That's Logic for you

Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Chael is the only one deserving of a rematch at the moment. No one else has a chance against Anderson.
Those are 2 different things. Chael doesn't deserve anything. He earned his shot & lost. Was it an exciting fight? Hell yeah. Do I want to see the re-match? Hell yeah. Should Chael be next in line? Hell no. The way you get a title shot is to win your fights. By definition, Chael didn't do that since he just lost. Regardless of how close he came to winning, he didn't & therefore gets moved down in the batting order. Okami has been winning consistently for years and keeps getting passed over. He's paid his dues, met the requirements, earned his spot & deserves his shot.

And that's not taking into account Chael's suspension or his federal money laundering issues.
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