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Here's an even better correlation: what if the UFC had told Pat "Hey, we know you're supposed to get a shot at reclaiming your belt, but we'd rather let this young up-and-comer Matt Hughes take a shot instead."

I mean, Pat's immediate reaction was to switch weight-classes in order to make room for Matt's shot (as was Rashad's). Matt was also kind of on the flip side, because Pat brought in Robbie, who was about 18yrs old & KOing everyone he faced. He was tearing through the UFC WW division while Matt was champ, but he refused to fight Matt.

What we have here is a situation in which Jones, in an interview, said he'd fight Rashad rather than lose his job (if it was a choice between unemployment or 25min fighting a teammate, I'd fight, too). Rashad then got upset & took his ball home to play in a sullen corner.

They still don't have to fight each other. Rashad could have said "I'm glad he's willing to fight me, but I don't want that to be an issue. I'm moving to _____weight,"
Still doesn't jive with me. You can use Matt as an example all you want. This is just very shady of Jackson not Jones. Jackson has always been slimy IMHO.
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