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Here's my take on God's love and an example of how I see it work in peoples lives and I guess how he chooses.

Lately I have been really reflecting on the action of a person hardening his heart toward God and how one softens his heart toward God. I have a easy time seeing how one hardens his own heart since we are sinful, and really cannot see how one softens his heart without Gods direct interaction. The best scenario in the bible to examine this is in Exodus and the account of Pharaoh and Moses. When you read it at first glance and you read passages of God hardening pharaohs heart you wonder how did God harden his heart. It seems like God is turning a switch and one minute Pharaohs heart is hard and than soft and than hard again. So what is really going on here. Really in the end, what hardens Pharaohs heart is Gods love and grace. After Moses first encounter with Pharaoh and his first warnings to him, God could have cut him down right than and there, but he didn't. God gave Pharaoh another chance and than another chance and so forth. God poured his love and grace over pharaoh and it hardened pharaohs heart.

Through the preaching of his word Gods love and grace is proclaimed to the world. His word is living and has power, some when they hear, their hearts are softened and repent and believe(Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.) While others when they hear and experience Gods love and grace, the opposite happens and their hearts are hardened.

That is what I am wrestling with at the moment.
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