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So after trying on 67 dresses...yes 67...and finding something wrong with all of them, my daughter finally came down to 2 that she loved...and after all that shopping, I was ready to be finished-so we bought both!

One she'll wear to prom--the other she'll probably wear in our town's Harvest Festival queen pageant-as she's decided to compete this year.

She's taking her driver's test today--send her up a little prayer if you would, that she's not terribly nervous and is able to do her best.
Then, if she passes...send up LOTS of prayers for her momma...who will be a nervous wreck every time she leaves the house!
ohmygoodness I can relate to what you wrote!!!! I only wish we lived closer together so that could have shared the joy!!!!!

The last time I dress shopped with my daughter I joked with the sales girl that they should serve wine to all the mothers and have comfortable chairs in the dressing rooms! THAT would make the experience a WHOLE lot more enjoyable!!! And the last time I went shopping with Jessie I let her buy three dresses, so that we wouldn't HAVE to dress shop for a long, long time!!!!

The driving will certainly pray for her and her momma. God bless you! I will be in that position in about 2 years and I'm not looking forward to it! Just give it up to God!
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