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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Y'all can see where things would get sticky though, right? Especially now that they are supposed to fight each other. Jon Jones just won the belt and now has to fight his team mate to defend it and vice versa his team mate has to fight him to try and take it. And they both train with Jackson. Awkward isn't even the word. Sounds like it's a win-win for Jackson, not so much for Jones or Evans especially seeing how one of them is going to be the winner, the other the loser.

Jackson makes it sound so easy with "the coaches will just have to handle it", but let's be real here. He's not going to want to be in the champ's corner for a title fight? This whole set-up was just screaming "separation and divorce".
I've got no problem with Rashad training elsewhere for this fight. I've also got no problem with Rashad switching camps if he so chooses. The part that sticks in my craw is the bit I quoted about "against my wishes". I mean, it's not like Rashad was the only LHW at Jackson before Bones showed up. Kieth Jardine was there as a long-time training partner & Rashad didn't complain. Mate used to be a LHW back in the day & Rashad wasn't complaining. But now that he became champ, suddenly he felt like he should get the final say on who did & didn't get in? No, sir.
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