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Originally Posted by Maldonado136 View Post
I know it's really easy to hate on Rashad for any little thing but I'm hearing him out on this one. We don't train there so I'm sure there are some behind the scenes stuff we don't know about. Remember how Diego was really close to a title shot back in 06 and Greg brought the champion into the team knowing that Diego was going after that belt? That's a smack in the face if you ask me considering how long Diego had been there and all of the blood, sweat and tears he put into the gym. Jackson is bringing pretty much every fighter into his gym because it makes financial sense but if that is the case then him trying to get his fighters to promise not to fight each other is silly to me. Rashad has seniority there so I think they should do what Renzo did for Serra when he was going to fight GSP.

This post was way longer than I intended for it to be lol sorry about that.
I think it was just right. Good points.
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