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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
God chooses us because he knows who and who will not accept the free gift. But ultimatily we must have a free will or else one would have ot say God created people doomed ot hell and Jesus' sacrafice was not for all but only those God chose and the rest he chose to send to hell. Because God is soverign he already knows but he is not a puppet master and makes no man follow him who does not want to. I have heard it preach many ways from both sides and it is an issue one is better to make their own personal election sure by living a righteous life and let God decide the result.
I thought you were a believer in TULIP

Basically I aggree. GOD Knows who makes it and who doesnt, prior to it all. BUT GOD allows those people to either take up or reject the gift, and thus choose for themself

Thats the ballence I reckon...with some slight exceptions...Mary was probably an exception...the Disciples were probably Exceptions...Judus was possibly supernaturally forced into betrayal...because Jesus HAD to end up dead in order to ressurect....

But other then those...and maybe some prophets...I certainly wouldnt use predestiny as a guiding principle in general (if you pardon the pun )
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