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Round 3
Miller gets an uppercut through and Marquardt answers with another head kick. Marquardt scores with a leg kick and a one-two to the now-bloodied face of Miller, who retaliates with a combo and leg kick of his own. Marquardt tags his man with a solid right and sprawls on a takedown with three minutes left in the fight. Miller is slow to get up from the takedown attempt, allowing Marquardt to spin around him. Rather than give up his back, Miller falls to guard. He leans to his left and looks for an arm, but Marquardt is smashing with elbows from top position. They scoot into the fence and Miller grabs at the kimura again to no avail. Marquardt grinds and punishes in the final minute, much to the displeasure of the pro-Miller crowd. Miller throws up his legs, hunting for an armbar or a triangle, but he runs out of time.

Official scores: Itís a clean sweep for Nate Marquardt with scores of 30-27 from all three judges. Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus
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