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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
Hey Flo thanks for the updates! You da woMAN!
Sure, DM!

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller
Round 1
Dan Miragliotta is back in the cage for this middleweight bout. Marquardt rushes in behind a combination, stuffs a single-leg from Miller and looks for a guillotine from the sprawl. It doesn’t come and Miller continues to drive on the takedown attempt, finally depositing Marquardt against the base of the fence. Miller can’t flatten Marquardt and Marquardt gets to his feet. He slams Miller down, but Miller grabs for his go-to guillotine choke on the way. Marquardt turns into the hold and pops his head loose. Miller ties up with rubber guard and they stall out along the fence. Miragliotta stands them up with a minute left in the round. Marquardt decks Miller with corkscrew right hand and then deposits him back on the floor. Miller twists to his left, looking for a kimura on Marquardt’s right arm, but he can’t get it. Marquardt lands a few punches from the top at the horn.

TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Marquardt
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Marquardt
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