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Round 3
Filipovic lands a low kick early in the final round and Schaub needs a break to recover. Upon resuming, he plows Cro Cop to the mat in the center of the cage. Filipovic ties up the right arm of Schaub and scrambles up, only to be taken right back down. Schaub works to pass, canít and Cro Cop stands again. Two minutes to go and itís still looking like anyoneís fight. Cro Cop initiates the clinch, but doesnít do much from the position. They tie up again, and break just as quickly. Cro Cop stuffs a long shot from Schaub and tags him on the way up. Suddenly, Schaub lands a winging right hand behind the ear of Filipovic and the Croatian crumbles to the mat. Herb Dean rushes in to save the helpless Pride vet from further punishment at 3:44 of the third round.
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