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Round 2
Cro Cop fires a left high kick thatís partially blocked and Schaub takes him straight down. As Schaub stands, Mirko lands an upkick to the face. Herb Dean stops the action and issues Cro Cop a warning of his own, as Schaubís knee was barely touching the mat (while his hand grabbed the fence) when the upkick landed. They resume and go back to the clinch. Schaub bullies Cro Cop into the fence and tries to come over the top with elbows. Cro Cop reverses and the heavyweights trade knees up the gut. Schaubís bleeding profusely from the nose as they jockey for position along the perimeter. Herb Dean breaks them up and deducts a point from Schaub for further strikes to the back of Cro Copís head. Filipovic closes out the round with more elbows from the clinch. Replays show it was one of those strikes that cracked Schaubís nose and cut him above the left eye.

TJ De Santis scores the round 9-9
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Filipovic
Mike Whitman scores the round 9-9
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