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Luis Artur Cane Jr. vs. Eliot Marshall
Round 1
Dan Miragliotta is the referee for the evening’s final preliminary contest. The 205-pounders are swinging heavy leather early, Cane getting the better of the exchanges as Marshall looks for an opening to attempt a takedown. Cane drops the American with a hard left hand and swarms all over Marshall. Cane lands a dozen punches from the top as Marshall struggles to survive. After a brief break, Cane goes back after it, slamming hammer fists into Marshall’s head as Marshall tries to roll for a kneebar. Marshall is no longer intelligently defending himself from Cane’s assault, and Miragliotta steps in to halt the beating at 2:15 of the first round.

Did anyone else think Dan should have stopped the fight a little earlier? Holy cow.
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