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Constantinos Philippou vs. Nick Catone
Round 1
Our referee for the 195 catchweight bout is Kevin MacDonald. A tentative opening minute is filled with pawing and no significant strikes. Catone glances with a jab and the boos start to rain over the cage. A weak Catone shot leads to a clinch along the fence. Short shots land inside for both and Catone separates. Philippou cracks him with a right and Catone responds in kind. More aimless feinting and booing. A Philippou right grazes and Catone drives him to the mat. Catone cracks his foe, prompting Philippou to elbow from the bottom. Catone smashes an elbow into Philippous' head that rips his skin open at the bell. 10-9 Catone.

Round 2
Both men swing freely to open the second frame but nothing lands. Catone bulls Philippou into the cage and lands a hard knee to the guts. Philippou breaks away but Catone drills him with a knee to the face on the exit. Low kick and a jab connect for Catone. The Jersey Devil lobs a head kick that is blocked and drives his foe into the fence again. The crowd boos and with a minute left, Catone scores a single leg. He quickly gets to half guard and gets mount for a moment. Philippou regains guard and gets socked in the mouth. 10 9 Catone.

Round 3
A more comfortable Catone probes with his right before slamming Philippou to the mat. Catone gets to side for a moment but Philippou reclaims guard. Philippou looks exhausted on the bottom as Catone drives his forearm into his jaw. He tries to use the fence to wall walk but Catone sucks him back down. Catone lands a series of heavy elbows and deftly takes mount. He hammers Philippou, who is able to turn and scramble back to half guard. More Catone elbows rain down until the horn. 10-9 and 30-27 for Catone.

Official scores: 30-27 across the board for Catone, winner by unanimous decision.
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