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I think it illustrates the enormity and inconceivable (in human terms) level of love that GOD has for us.

We can all relate to a person sacrificing their life to protect their family or their homeland, but can't really conceive of a person who would willingly sacrifice his life to save the life of a sworn enemy who hates him.

Jesus didn't die for the righteous, He died for the Adolf Hitlers, the Saddam Husseins, the Osama bin Ladens, the Jeffrey Daumers, the Charles Mansons, the Pol Pots, etc. We were no better than any of those "monsters" before coming to faith in Christ.
Yes, and the enormous love God had for us to give His SON!

His Son! When I think of giving up one of my girls.......I can't bear the thought.

And when I think of Jesus giving himself up. And He wasn't fearless. He was scared. He was sad. He felt alone. He felt the betrayal. He felt the angry words of the crowd and the hate. And He could have called down the angles to help Him when He was on the cross, but He didn't.

wow. just wow.

we are nothing. we deserve nothing. and He gave everything to us.
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