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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
I don't think it is judgement. I believe when the bible says not to judge others it refers to a person acting as if the have authority over another person's life and eternity. The bible says if you see another Christian in the wrong to address it first alone, then bringing another person if need be and showing them the biblic truth for how Christians are expected to believe. And I don't mean think it should be one Christian goes to another person and says "Hey you said you are a christian but I saw you at the bar last night and that's wrong so you must not be really saved." That is far from what I mean. I just think some people are missing the heart part and don't even understand the fullness of accepting Christ. If they have falsely understood how is it wrong to lovingly show them biblical truths and then allow them to go from there?
I dont think its wrong...I just think its really hard to do right....after presumes that is what dear Pastor Chris was trying to do to me, further up this very page

I might be able to handle that...but other people who have had that kind of aid from a few people on this forum, have vanished, never to return...and one wonders...did that aid help them...or simply push them further into backing up their own sinful ways?
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