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So it depends what GOD is doing with a person and what the person is struggling with as to how far they change...and I dont think we should ever judge...but I think we should support...if we see someone we suspect isnt acting like they should considering what the profess to might be time to offer them aid. Its certainly not time to judge...the last thing we want to do, if our suspicions are right, is to entrench them further into their sin

I'm not saying you were suggesting otherwise, simply stating what I believe to help clarify to your specific point about change
I don't think it is judgement. I believe when the bible says not to judge others it refers to a person acting as if the have authority over another person's life and eternity. The bible says if you see another Christian in the wrong to address it first alone, then bringing another person if need be and showing them the biblic truth for how Christians are expected to believe. And I don't mean think it should be one Christian goes to another person and says "Hey you said you are a christian but I saw you at the bar last night and that's wrong so you must not be really saved." That is far from what I mean. I just think some people are missing the heart part and don't even understand the fullness of accepting Christ. If they have falsely understood how is it wrong to lovingly show them biblical truths and then allow them to go from there?
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